• Volunteers at a #HashtagLunchbag meetup
  • Volunteers cleaning up Nha Trang Beach
  • Blood donors at the annual Blood Drive
  • Run To Give - Charity Run



Visit Nha Trang support many local initiatives and places emphasis on helping the area to develop. The business community involved in Visit Nha Trang organize regular events and activities such as blood drives, beach cleanup, #hashtaglunchbag and Run To Give. These events helps to bring together the community with both locals, expats and tourists all coming together!


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Environmental Dates:

September 15th - International Coastal Clean-Up Day


Blood Drive Donation Dates:

Sunrise Nha Trang Hotel - June 2018


#Hashtag Lunchbag

On the last Sunday of every month, one business sponsors a #HashtagLunchbag event in the surrounding area. Volunteers assemble the food donations into meals with a message attached. Over 7000 of these meals have been thankfully received by many members of the community to date!

Sign up at : http://visitnhatrang.org/site/community/hashtaglunchbag


Run To Give - Run Charity

A charity run taken took place at the Stadium Nha Trang on September 2018. Visit Nha Trang cooperated with Charity partner - Operation Smile in Vietnam to raise fund to pay for children’s cleft lip/cleft palate surgery and deliver postoperative and ongoing medical therapies to children in the low and middle-income bracket in Nha Trang so they children can have the gift of an amazing confident smile. Next event will be in 23rd September 2018

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