10 Reasons Why Nha Trang is the Number One Beach Destination in Vietnam!

July 2017

With over 3000km of coastline making the claim that you’re the number one beach destination in Vietnam is very bold………but we have plenty of reasons why! 

  1. Climate — with over 300 days of sunshine and the shortest rainy season in Vietnam; Nha Trang definitely has the best climate to enjoy the beautiful beaches!
  2. Nha Trang Bay — stretching over 6km and often voted one of the most beautiful bays in the world!
  3. More than just a beach — cultural sites, shopping, islands to explore, theme parks…so much more than just a beach!
  4. Nightlife — Nha Trang is taking nightlife in Vietnam to a whole new level! Sailing Club and Skylight both offer unique party destinations that you won’t find anywhere else in Vietnam!
  5. Seafood — known for having the best seafood in Vietnam!
  6. Diving — some of the best diving that Vietnam has to offer!
  7. So many beaches to explore — want to find a secluded beach with perfect white sand, just explore the region…so many beaches that are easily accessible from Nha Trang!
  8. Great dining and bar choices — want Vietnamese, Chinese, BBQ, Japanese, Greek…in fact, in Nha Trang you can find pretty much any type of cuisine you desire and many bars with great views!
  9. The city is easy to get around — want to check out all the cultural sites and still fit in beach time? In Nha Trang this is easy! Easy to walk around and most sites are a 5-minute taxi ride from the city centre!
  10. And finally…the people! Vietnamese people are known for being friendly and helpful…in Nha Trang they take this to a whole new level!

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